Unfiltered wheat beer with natural fruity aromas from live monastery brewery yeast.

Craft Lager

Available in:

kegs, 330 ml bottles & 500 ml bottles

Key characteristics:

Craft Weiss is an unfiltered wheat beer with characteristic fruity aromas and smooth flavor.  The special hefe-weizen yeast from German monastery breweries produces natural aromas that remind of exotic fruits, while the wheat malt provides the perfect cereal taste base.  The beer is served unfiltered with the live yeast in special curvy glasses that best convey the special aromas.  The live yeast in the glass preserves the freshness of this special beer and provides precious vitamins, antioxidants, and trace elements.  Refreshment, rejuvenation, and pure joy co-exist in the same glass!

Food pairing:

Craft Weiss best matches smooth aromatic flavors with rather sweet and not spicy taste profile that are related harmoniously with its earth, natural, and aromatic character: Soft, creamy, non-spicy French and Italian cheeses such as brie, camembert, sweet gorgonzola but also some Greek cheeses including “manouri”, “anthotyro”, light “kasseri”, boiled sausages such as Weisswurst, boiled greens such as zucchini and beetroots, boiled beef, leek and zucchini pies, pork with okra or plums, steamed mussels, but also certain fruits including figs, pineapple, bananas and pomegranate, and certain “not very sweet” desserts such as strudel, apple pie and white chocolate.

ABV: 5.4   P:12.5  EBC:11  IBU:12