Craft Microbrewery Athens 1997

Our Story

Craft is the first Greek microbrewery that started the microbrewing revolution back in 1997 by producing for the first time in Greece fresh limited production beers at premises accessible to the general public.

Our beginning was marked by the creation of brew-restaurants; restaurants equipped with microbrewery units in order to produce beer on the premises.  This way beer enthusiasts had the chance to witness the wonderful world of brewing, to visit the facilities, to talk to our brewers, to experience first-hand the brewing process, or to just enjoy excellent food and craft beers produced on the premises. Beer production, historically a distant industrial process, came close to the people.  Vibrant interest groups started to develop regarding beer, brewing methods, raw materials, beer “secrets”, advantages of microbrewing, beer variety, ways of serving beer, and ways of pairing beer with food.

The warm acceptance and love of beer enthusiasts with whom we had the pleasure to interact and exchange views throughout all these years encouraged us to invest in production and distribution of limited production craft beers in glass bottles and stainless steel kegs.

Our journey

During our exciting learning journey throughout the years, we developed a profound knowledge of beer, raw materials, the trade secrets of brewing, and we developed several innovative and traditional recipes.

We continue our multi-year endeavor developing and presenting incredible beers, beloved classics but also innovative recipes with great taste personality, rich flavor and invigorating aromas but at the same time smooth, highly drinkable and offered in fair prices with respect to our top quality standards, therefore accessible to all.

Craft Beer Production
Microbrewery Beer

Because this is the essence of small scale production:

To make beers with knowledge, love, and passion to be consumed with knowledge, love and passion.

Exquisite beers made with top quality malt and hops in a large variety of types, with full flavor and aroma and a taste personality that inspires even the most demanding beer enthusiasts.