Exquisite IPA with explosive aromas from Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra hops at the forefront!

Craft Lager

Available in:

330 ml and 750 ml bottles

Key characteristics:

India pale ale (IPA) beers historically evolved as aggressively hopped high-alcohol ales that could withstand the sea voyage from England to India in the 19th century since hops acted as natural preservatives.  Today IPAs constitute the fastest growing microbrewery category internationally, adored by beer enthusiasts who seek intense and enjoyable beer flavors.

Respecting the IPA tradition, we created a superb IPA with plentiful proportion of selected hops.  Bitterness was maintained at reasonable levels so the beer remains highly drinkable and enjoyable.  Hop aromas are explosive and the Citra prevailing hop variety adds exotic and citrus aroma tones.  This is a special, exquisite beer, yet designed in a balanced way so that it can be enjoyed by everybody!

Food pairing:

The intense and tropical aroma profile of the Craft IPA matches very well Asian and exotic tastes such as sushi, Asian specialities with spices such as coriander and lemongrass but also European, mostly seafood specialities such as raw marinated fish, ceviche, salmon, tuna or beef tartar, oysters, caviar and fish eggs in lemon sauce, boiled fish and fish soup with lemon, boiled mussels with aromatic spices.

ABV:6,3  P:13,5  EBC:11 IBU:35