Pale Ale


Special top-fermented beer with unique aromas from dry-hopping with Cascade hops.

Craft Lager

Available in:

kegs and 330 ml bottles

Key characteristics:

Craft Pale Ale is a beer that makes us proud. We were inspired by the American West Coast microbrewery tradition and fine-tuned our earlier recipes in order to design this iconic beer.  The dry-hopping method is used that includes adding hops at later production stages. This way we achieve aroma intensification without increasing the bitterness. The flavor is characterized by the aroma profile of Cascade hops, a variety that we just love to work with.  Delicate taste notes of aromatic bitterness from top hop varieties characterize the taste profile of this special, yet highly drinkable and enjoyable beer.

Food pairing:

The Craft Pale Ale beer is a great aperitif due its dry aromatic taste profile stemming from its hoppy character that works an appetite before meal. It can be consumed as an appetizer with snacks, as a drink without food, but it also matches perfectly intense seafood tastes such as mussels, oysters, sea urchin salad, shellfish and all crustacean seafood, shrimp, grilled fish, crabs, grilled crawfish and lobster.