Amber color smoked beer with exciting smoked flavors from the natural roasting of malt over burning oakwood.

Craft Lager

Available in:

330 ml bottles

Key characteristics:

We were inspired by the medieval German brewing tradition and evolved the classic recipes.  The end result is a great beer with full body and medium hop character that counterbalance the special intense smoked aromas that arise naturally from the use of smoked malt.  Craft smoked is exciting due to its unique smoked taste profile. The malt is roasted over oak wood according to the tradition and develops natural smoked flavors that remain with the beer during the beer process. The beer is filtered to achieve a well-defined taste character and it is brewed with ale yeast that leads to a full flavor taste profile.

Food pairing:

Craft Smoked perfectly matches smoked and spicy flavors that are related to its intense smoked profile:  BBQ or charcoal grilled meats such as burgers, chops, pork and beef steaks of various cuts, Greek “kokoretsi”, various grilled meats with BBQ sauce but also various intense flavot cheeses and cured meats such as speck, bacon, prosciutto crudo, jamon, cured ham, Greek “louza”, and smoked fish such as smoked herring, smoked salmon or smoked mackerel.

ABV: 5,1 P: 12,8 EBC: 21 IBU: 20