Alcohol Free


It may be free of alcohol but it is natural beer!

Craft Lager

Available in:

330 ml bottles

Key characteristics:

We brew the Craft Alcohol Free beer using a special yeast that naturally metabolizes the wort sugars without producing any alcohol.  This way, we obtain a naturally produced alcohol free beer without using distillation or other separation processes that deprive taste characteristics.

Craft Alcohol Free is a highly drinkable beer with a naturally sweet taste profile, low in calories and with negligible alcohol: A natural and healthy choice for all times.

Food pairing:

Craft alcohol free beer can accompany a wide array of foods but it matches better with balanced and not intense tastes:  Roast meats such as beef or chicken in the oven with potatoes, grilled beef fillet, all boiled or casserole meats, spinach or leek with rice, roast or casserole potatoes, salads such as lettuce, cabbage, Greek salad or potato salad, not very spicy cured meats such as mortadella and prosciutto cotto, boiled ham, stuffed peppers or tomatoes and other traditional Greek olive oil based dishes without many spices, as well as vegetables such as leek, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower.

ABV:0,3  P:10,8 EBC:10 IBU:12